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I went up to him nose-to-nose and said, "The next time you attack me you will be fortunate if you end up with any balls at all." I had reached into the small side pocket on my book bag and removed that small razor-sharp hunter's skinning knife Ed gave me when we went deer hunting last season. I wiggled it around in my hand in front of his face and his eyes got as big as dinner plates, his mouth fell to his chest and his eyes lowered and he took in a huge breath. I finished with, "Just remember, next time this is for you hot shot."

The professor said. "Mister, I would steer very clear of this young lady if you still want to be a bass in the men's' glee club".

It all broke up then but I was late to class and I was pissed.

Marianne and I just looked at each other with her biting her lip to keep from laughing and I was almost choking stifling a roar. Both of us were able to restrain ourselves for the moment and I simply said, "Honey, I think our little girl can take care of herself just fine."

With that said I had to pull over to the side for I damn sure couldn't drive laughing as hard as I was. The tears were streaming down my face and Marianne was doubled over so far her head was nearly touching the dashboard. "Sure, you guys think it was a riot." Sue chastised us. "It wasn't so funny at the time."

"No, Sue, we can just picture that lout holding his family jewels with you waving a razor sharp knife in his face. Oh, how I wish we had a picture of that." Marianne said wistfully.

We sat there for a solid ten minutes before we could regain our composure to continue driving.

When we got near the area where I was going to let one of the girls drive I asked for a volunteer. Marianne jumped at the chance. "I love tooling this thing along the Interstate. It really gets me going when a car passes me or I pass one and see them looking over at us and I can almost read their lips 'A woman is driving that thing.' Makes me feel like a Michael Schummacher."

"Great, I have something to get straightened out with Sue." I said with a small wink at Marianne and a big smile at Sue.

"Fantastic, I have been entertaining myself with my fingers for the last several days." She complained.

"Well why don't you get us a couple of glasses of wine while I adjust the window shades and meet me on the sofa?"

Marianne said over her shoulder. "Damnit, I am sorry I volunteered to drive."

"C'mon honey, don't be a glutton. You and I have been going at every night this week and I haven't even held Sue's hand since last Saturday. Look, I'll pull the curtain separating the drivers area from the living room and put on some music."

"Can't you at least go in the master bedroom at the back of coach? At least I won't be hearing you two animals." Marianne asked.

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