1 Dick 2 Chicks 2

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1 Dick 2 Chicks 2
1 Dick 2 Chicks 2
Director:Robbie Fischer
Studio:Red Light District
Runtime:137 mins.
Series:1 Dick 2 Chicks
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Fantasy becomes reality in volume 2 of 1 Dick, 2 Chicks. Fiery hot girl-girl action starts things off before the Boy-Girl-Girl theme takes charge. An abundance of anal action and cum facials throughout.

Plot Summary

Strengths & Weaknesses

These sexy ladies sure know how to spoil their horny guy.

Two sexy ladies at a time sandwich one horny guy. Get him up and going they sure do with their mouths and hands. With two pussies for each guy to fuck, these guys are in luck. But their luck turns out to be even better than expected, when some of these lasses spread their sexy asses and get these guys to perform with their dicks between their sexy ass-cheeks.

The cover of this film doesn't promise anal sex. And it's a nice surprise, when some of the better-looking ladies in this film invite their horny guy for a good anal ride with them.

Roxy, the curvy brunette on the front-cover, gets a good anal ride with her guy. And the anal ride of Lauren Phoenix is also something to see. A very nice ass this pretty lady certainly has.