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Director:Jim Enright
Studio:Wicked Pictures
Runtime:85 mins.
Series:Not In Any Series
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Plot Summary

Angelique (Teri Weigel) is a world renowned artist who has the total package; brains, beauty and success. Her expression of art is beautiful, unique, provocative and sexy with an edgy flair. The only thing missing from her life, from her heart... is love. Her art is fulfilling, but her urge to fill the void that her art so desperately tries to is ravenous. As she realizes her missing link, the answer to her desires becomes evident - and it was right in front of her the whole time. Be careful what you wish for - you just might get it!


Non-Sex performers

Shanna McCullough


  1. Scene 1. Teri Weigel
  2. Scene 2. Julie Robbins, Dale DaBone
  3. Scene 3. Dolorian, Jessica Drake
  4. Scene 4. Teri Weigel, Randy Spears
  5. Scene 5. Elizabeth Del Mar, Evan Stone
  6. Scene 6. Teri Weigel, Brad Armstrong

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