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Official Site - Ass Parade

Ass Parade is one of those literal sites for lovers of big butt action. This is another addition to the ever expanding Miami-based Bang Bros network of sites and their reality take on porn which, with over 1500 sites, is beginning to take on ever subtler hues. The site has a very basic premise: It purports to chronicle the real-life adventures of two brothers who are on the hunt for girls with big booty.

There is a new girl and a video added to the site each week and there is always a storyline which, as the site has matured, has got thinner and thinner. The girls are not amateurs as they also appear in other Bang Bros productions. There is the signature element of handheld camera gonzo porn realism and because this is an ass lover's site sex takes place in doggy style and most of the camera angles focus on the girl's ass.

The site has a truly amateurish feel with 'PP' the purported older brother of the two doing most of the site description which either through sheer pressure of time or by design, is full of anagrammatisms and spelling mistakes. The girls, however are hot looking and because there is an excess of 'talent' to draw from in Miami there is more than one true fresh-faced amateur who makes an appearance.

Site Detail

Price: 3 day trial - Credit Card - $4.95, Monthly - Credit Card - $23.95, Monthly - Online Check - $29.95

Terms: Trial memberships recur at $39.95 unless cancelled. Monthly memberships recur unless cancelled.

Processor: CCBill

Videos: over 1000 - 30 minutes plus each in MPEG format


(+) Perfect for those in search of beautiful asses

(+) Good looking girls plus some truly fresh faces

(+) Has a natural, amateurish feel

(-) There are spelling mistakes in every description and it can be off-putting

(-) The storylines are wearing thin, you know this is not real

(-) For what it is, it's a little on the expensive side

Actors Employed

Other Websites

The company behind Ass Parade (the Bang Bros Network) also maintains a number of other speciality pornographic websites, which include:

Online Reviews

"Well if you haven’t heard of Ass Parade then where have you been? The name says it all hot booty bubble butts and amazing Ass Parade Girls display their fine behinds. This site kick’s ass with the finest display of asses you’ll find. Ass Parade has an exclusive database of sex photos and videos. In essence this site is a reality website, which hit the streets in search of big bubble butts and tight buns of steel. Then they get this hot chicks naked and basically fuck the shit out of their asses." -- Smut Gremlins

“When I saw that my next assignment was Ass Parade, I got very excited. I love tits and legs, but in my heart I am an ass man. Then when I saw it was a BangBros site, I knew I was in for some quality porn. Ass lovers and hardcore fanatics will really enjoy Ass Parade. The site is updated weekly and there's already quite a bit to see. Plus, given the bonus sites, lovers of everything else will certainly be able to find loads of content to suit their horny moods. ” (Rabbits Reviews.) Rabbit’s Reviews (87/100)

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