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Official Site - Movie Monster

Movie Monster is, according to its own pr, the biggest download, rental and streaming porn movie site on the planet and with over two million unique visitors a month they just might be right.

When a site is this successful the three questions to ask should be why, why and why and the answer in each case is the same: simplicity. The site is easy to use, easy to navigate, easy to find what you want, easy to pay. Add to this a fantastic range of choice in every direction from what the site has to offer in terms of content to the different types of ways you can pay for it and you begin to understand that this is a commercial site that’s highly focused on the punter.

The result is a porn site that works the way all VOD sites should and its monthly traffic is a testament to that.

Site Detail

Price: $49.95 - 575 minutes, $29.95 - 345 minutes, $19.95 - 230 minutes, $11.95 - 115 minutes, $8.95 - 69 minutes, $5.95 - 34 minutes, $3.95 - 17 minutes

Terms: No membership and a free trial offer

Processor: CCBill, Paycom or Verotel.

Videos: 25000+ DVD Titles | 51000+ Videos


(+) Staggering volume of DRM-free videos

(+) Streamlined search engine

(+) Download porn to your PC

(+) We really struggled to find something wrong to say with this site!

Online Reviews

"Movie Monster is the monster of all VOD porn site rentals. Monstrous deals, monstrous choice and it just keeps getting bigger!" -- Digital Audio Video News (5/5 - #1 Overall)

"Movie Monster keeps expanding its content and reducing its prices and expanding its reach and can it get any better? We think probably not!" -- Adult Reviews (9.5/10 - #1 Overall)

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User Reviews

I would like to amend the statement that there are plenty of DRM-free videos. Movie Monster offers three kinds of videos: 1) videoclips (= pay per minute); 2) watch-while-streaming videos (= rentals); 3) downloaded videos (= downloads). Of the three, downloads are definitely DRM laden. In fact Windows Media Player 11 is a REQUIRED piece of software to view and possibly even to download them. (This leaves non MS Windows users out. MAC users apparently are told to be able to view the .wmv movies upon installation of a plugin).

In general, DRM protecting videos seems to be a common policy for all pay-per-view sites. To find truly DRM-free, full-length movies, viewers will have to search among those requiring a monthly subscription.

Last piece of information: moviemonster should be the same as

--Azbvcd01 19:27, 26 December 2007 (UTC)