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NakedSource is a pornographic adult website that provides high quality streaming videos, but does offer photos, and member profiles. It allows its users to upload their own pornographic videos aswell as homemade amatuer material. Although it is mainly community driven, admins often remove unsuitable content.

It was modeled after other streaming video sites like Youtube and GoogleVideos.

Registration is not required with NakedSource in order to view videos, but is required to use other features exclusive to members. Like rating and commenting.

Users can upload content which is placed in a public upload queue to be viewed, commented and rated by the community. The admins will chose the hiest rated videos to appear on the homepage as Featured Videos.

NakedSource offers amateur sex clips, clips from pornographic websites, and uploaded porn films in the straight, gay, lesbian, pornstar, extreme and transsexual category.

User Experience

The site is well designed and has Web 2.0 or social networking features such as rating and commenting on videos. All videos on the site are tagged well for easy, relevant searching and navigation. Registered members have their own profile which can be viewed by other members. Members can choose from a variety of privacy options if they don't want other members viewing their activity. Registration is not required, but recommended in order to take advantage of all the site's features.

The type of sex videos you will find at are straight amatuer video, homemade amatuer videos, hardcore porn videos, sex videos, gay porn videos, lesbian sex videos, extreme hardcore videos, shemale videos, ladyboy sex videos but to name a few!

Site Detail

Price: Free

Registration: Not Required, but is Fast and Free

Videos: 1000's of Free Videos (download and stream)

Pictures: 1000's of Members

Features: A livly community, Search, Upload, , Comment, Voting and Rating, Discussion, Sharing, Favorites, Mmeber Photos, User Profiles, Cam Girls and lots more

Content Sources: Mostly user generated content

Number of Members: 1000's of Members From Around the Globe


(+) Very Simple Navigation and Great User Interface, using the latest web 2.0 technology. Simple Clean Cut Design

(+) High quality video

(+) Filled with lots of great adult premium content and lots of amateur video footage, a lot of which is not available on any website

(+) Completely Free