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Penis enlargement procedures are techniques alleged to make the human penis larger. These procedures range from manual exercises to devices and capsules (pills).

There's no doubting a good penis enlargement pill combined with penis exercises causes the penis growth. Here's why this combo may be so potent:

In your teen years growth hormones are produced in very high amounts. It's these raging hormones that cause us to grow and develop male characteristics, including penis growth. It's also the perfect environment for penis exercises to create new growth (If only I knew back then!).

But as you leave your teen years your body produces decreasing amounts of these hormones. These changes lead to decreased erection strength, decreased libido and decreased penis size. And it gets worse as you continue to age! What happens as you age:

   * Growth hormone (HGH) production decreases.
   * Blood flow to penis and throughout body slowly decreases.
   * Total testosterone levels decrease.
   * Free testosterone (a different measure from total test level) decreases as more is bound by Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG).
   * More testosterone is aromatized into estrogen, hence the higher body fat and man boobs that often develop with age.

How penis enlargement pills work to increase the penis size

Penis enlargement pills work in two ways to create penis growth. One way is by increasing the hormones responsible for tissue growth and recovery. Second by increasing blood flow volume to the penis. Flaccid gains will be noticeable in days. Erection size increases in the following weeks.

Supplements based on herbs and natural ingredients can really improve you penis blood flow and this mean temporary increase on penis size as normally you achieve an erection without 100% of the penis blood hold capacity and the pills give you extra blood with means bigger penis.

However, to get permanent augmentation you need do some penis stretch. You can stretch your penis easily by following an exercise program that generally you get free when buy the pills or by using a medical traction device. Nevertheless, when I looked close to principle of this supplement I found that they not only help increase the penis size but also enhance overall blood circulation, erection hardness and improve energy.

Natural penis enlargement have been around for a few years and has quickly established itself as the most common method to improve the size of your penis. Combining herbal pills with exercises you can increase your girth and length by up to 3 inches.

The Corpora Cavernosa is the main blood holding chamber of the penis, this is where 90% of all blood is retained each and every time you gain an erection. Your present penis size is limited in both length and width, by the maximum in which the Corpora Cavernosa can fill with blood.

Simply put, this means it is impossible for your penis to get bigger by itself, as the blood which fills the penis is already filling the maximum size of the Corpora Cavernosa.

The only true method of penis enlargement is to properly develop and enlarge your Corpora Cavernosa. This is possible through the use of herbal pills, dedicated exercises and techniques. It is important that you find guidance on what exercises work and how to do them correctly.

Below is a brief overview of how penis enlargement pills work:

   * Increases levels of nitric oxide
   * Increase overall testosterone levels.
   * Increase the amount of free testosterone in the body.
   * Decrease aromatization of test into estrogen.
   * Increases blood flow to penis (via increases in nitric oxide, etc).
   * Increase libido (the desire to have sex).

By themselves penis enlargement pills increase size for many men. But for some guys gains are limited by a thick tunica, a fibrous sheath covering the penile chambers. These men will benefit from adding the exercise routine together with penis exercises. The combo is unbeatable. There's a synergistic effect from using both that creates penis size increases!

Are penis enlargement pills safe?

In general terms, all penis enlargement pills are sold as supplements made from natural extracts and therefore are NOT prescribed medicine. Penis enhancement pills should all be relatively safe, but read the igredients first before you buy or try.

NOT Recommended method: Surgery

More and more men who are unhappy about their penis sizes have considered getting under the knife – or having surgery – in an attempt to enhance the appearance and function of their member.

Much headway has been gained in phalloplasty, also called cosmetic penile enhancement or augmentation surgery, but it still remains a very controversial method in penile enlargement due to unpredictable results and the high risks involved.

Phalloplasty requires two separate procedures: one to lengthen the penis and another to increase girth.

Surgical lengthening of the penis is achieved by cutting the ligament that supports the erections causing the penis to extend forwards and outwards, making a larger portion of it to be exposed.

On the other hand, penile girth is surgically increased either by Alloderm Graft, Fat Transfer, or Dermal Augmentation. These procedures usually involve harvesting fat cells or strips of tissue from other parts of the body to be inserted or grafted to the penis.

These methods may bring about unwanted complications or side effects. These may include infections, bleeding, bruising, or painful scarring, reduced angle of erection making the penis susceptible to injury, reabsorption of fat cells leading to penis shortening, asymmetry and deformities, soft erections, permanent numbness, loss of sexual function, and impotence.

Aside from being risky and dangerous, surgery is also a costly option. The costs of the different types of cosmetic penile surgery can set you back from $3,000.00 to as much as $10,000.00!

And sometimes, the size gained from surgery may be lost as a result of post-operative complications or improper post-operative care. Many who had unsuccessful operations end up spending large sums of money on further surgery in an attempt to restore their former penis size, oftentimes without success.

In Other Words:

It has been found to work some of the time but due to its cost, we recommend other methods that will get you the same gains at only a fraction of the price. In addition, no doctor guarantees money back if it does not work. Risks are also the highest with surgery and risks this drastic are not worth taking.

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