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Opulently appointed, it featured a long gallery which connected the main lounge with the smoking room decorated with a series of garden lounges; a carpeted, Louis XVI-style first class restaurant; a columned Palladian lounge, which spanned two decks; and the first pool ever installed on a Cunard ship. Death on the high seas, although at this writing still beyond conception, had briefly reduced my crossing to an Agatha Christie murder mystery. Before having retired to my cabin the previous evening, a passenger, whose name I have momentarily forgotten, had been continually paged, both in the theater and throughout the ship, with an increasing degree of urgency.

Afterwards, the term dumdum was taken to include any softnosed or hallow-pointed bullet. In 1899, the use of dumdum bullet was outlawed following the Hague Convention. But during First World War, the Germans accused the Belgian government of having used a dumdum bullet which the Belgians strongl denied. Further, the city happens to be an important cultural and sports centre among Scandinavian countries, possessing many theatres, museums, parks, and sports clubs.

Despite its relatively small size, Gothenburg organizes many largescale international sports championships. The annual Gothenburg Film Festival is the biggest in Scandinavia. The longest mobile is NEED, a concept phone created by designer Tamer Koseli, which is about 14 cm long and is narrow in width. He wanted to create a phone pared of these so-called superfluous features. Which is the world's longest mobile phone? Koseli bucked the current trend in mobile phones which come with features like a camera and MP3 players.

Our galaxy, the Milky Way, is a member of a local group of galaxies, which is in turn a part of the Virgo supercluster. The age is also known as the transitional phase of the Roman empire, hi 138 AD, after a long reign dedicated to the cultural unification and consolidation of the empire, emperor Hadrian named his son as heir, under the condition that he adopt both Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus.

What is the age of antonines? These are the largest structures of matter found in the universe. The Age of Antonines is often referred to two successive ages of Roman emperors -Antoninus Pius and Marcus Aurelius -who ruled between 138 AD and 180 AD and were famous for their skilled leadership. Freefonix is a 40-episode, 3D animated music project created by Magnus Fiennes, Alex Tate and Simeon Warburton and produced by an Indian company and BBC. NEED has an OLED display which shows basic information, and also sports a touch screen.

What does freefonix refer to? It is targeted at children and uses music and animation to tell an adventure story of three teenagers who accidentally discover the existence of The Thirteenth Note which brings them power and insight. Blue Gene is an ambitious project to expand the horizons of supercomputing, with the ultimate goal of creating a system that can perform 1 quadrillion calculations per second, or 1 petaflop. IBM expects a machine it calls Blue Gene/P to be the first to achieve this computational milestone.

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