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Tit Fucking

Intermammary Intercourse, (aka. tit fucking, titty fucking, tit wanking, and coitus a mammalia) is a form of outercourse that takes place when a man stimulates his penis by rubbing it between or on woman's breasts.

The Basics

At a minimum, tit fucking requires a penis and a pair of breasts. A good quality personal lubricant is highly recommended. Generally, larger breasts are better suited for this but large breasts are not a requirement.

Basically, tit-fucking requires that some way, a penis gets sandwiched between breasts and is stimulated sexually. The specifics of how this is done can vary widely. While sandwiching the penis between her breasts, a woman can provide the stimulating friction by moving her entire torso or by only manipulating her breasts. In addition, the breasts can be manipulated either synchronously (both up and down at the same time) or in an alternating pattern (each alternating in a different direction).

To be done properly, the man should be physically and visually stimulated. For men, much of the enjoyment is from seeing the act take place.


There are a variety of positions in which this can be performed.

Man Dominant

"Cow Boy"

A common position has the woman lay on her back while the man straddles her torso -- facing each other as they would when in the missionary position. Either the man or woman can wrap the breasts around the penis while the man thrusts his hips. This position limits the womans mobility and thus requires much of the work to be done by the man. For this reason, the man has most control over the speed , rhythm, and ultimately when ejaculation occurs.

If circumstances permit, the woman can further stimulate the penis by licking the head of the penis as it moves between her breasts.

"Reverse Cow Boy"

Similar to the "Cowboy" but the man straddles the woman's chest such that the man is facing the woman's feet. In this position, the woman can lick the male's scrotum or perform analingus while he thrusts.

Man Standing

With the woman kneeling or seated, the man can stand facing the woman and perform intermammary intercourse.

Woman Dominant

Edge of your Seat

File:Tit Fuck Edge of your seat.jpg
Demonstration of the woman-dominant, "Edge of your seat" Position

In this position, the man is seated with the woman kneels between his legs while performing intermammary intercourse. The woman has the most control of the rhythm and speed in this position. Another important benefit is that the male is in an upright position that allows him to view the act clearly. [Most men will probably prefer this position.]

Misc. Techniques

  • Use plenty of lube. Thicker lubes seem to be better suited for this.
  • Try doing it with the woman in various states of undress like while wearing a t-shirt, string bikini, or button up blouse.
  • In addition to sandwiching the penis between the breasts, consider occasionally rubbing the penis on her nipples.


At the point of ejaculation, one may choose to cum between her breasts in such a way that semen covers her neck and cleavage. This is called a pearl necklace. For more information, see Ejaculation Etiquitte.

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