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XTube was founded by Webnovas Technologies Inc. (WTi) at the end of 2005 when YouTube was exploding into the end of it’s first year. The 2 owners and only employee, Lance Cassidy were discussing future projects when the question “I Can’t believe there isn’t and adult version of this YouTube yet. Why isn’t there one?” The answer was simple – no one was prepared to handle the incredible volume of bandwidth a project like that would generate. No one except for WTi. Development began January 1st 2006 and the beta version of XTube.com was released March 12th 2006 .

XTube was the first adult website to allow members to upload their own home-made photos and videos. When XTube was launched on March 12th 2006 the industry was taken by storm, and since then a number of copycat sites have started popping up everywhere.

Safe Sex

One of the key strategies WTi continues to focus on is a safe browsing environment for all members. XTube does not allow any advertisements that pop up unwanted windows either on an XTube page or on any linked destination page. This means that you will not see any pop ups when you click on any ads from XTube. This also includes no spyware, malware or any other ware. We want members to get their porn safely – Safe Sex!

Incredible Features

XTube went beyond the competitors and continued to develop new features that are not found on any other single adult website:

  • Upload & Share Your Photos & Videos Free
  • Video On Demand (DVD Streaming)
  • REAL Amateur Photos & Videos
  • Free Adult Community –Make Friends!
  • Free Blogging & Private Messaging
  • A Free Sex Wiki
  • Free Local Directory of Adult Businesses
  • Contests to Win Free Stuff
  • Online Shopping


XTube offers different memberships for different uses of the site, so depending on who you are and what you do, or how you want to use the website, you can get the appropriate account:

  • Public User

Upload your own home-made photos and videos, make friends, shop online.

  • Amateur

Upload your own home-made photos and videos for sale (make real money), make friends, shop online.

  • Webmaster

Upload Sponsor-provided photos and videos, add linking codes (drive traffic), make friends, shop online.

  • Studio

Stream your video (DVD etc) to millions of members and earn residual income.

  • Advertiser

Manage advertising campaigns on a highly trafficked website.

Statistics and Growth

The first day XTube went online (March 12th 2006) there were 5 user signups. By the end of March there were 167 members. At the end of April there were 326 members – a 100% increase. At the end of May there were 14,308 members – a 4200% increase! The stats as of March 2008 are as follows.

  • Daily Visitors 2.5 million
  • Daily Page Views 50,000,000+
  • Daily Signups 10,000+
  • Total Members 4.1+ Million
  • Total Straight 30%
  • Total Bi 30%
  • Total Gay 40%
  • Daily Alexa Ranking 150 (approx)


Xtube.com has 7 main services. These Include community, Video, DVD Pass, Amateurs, TV, Cams and DVDs

  • Community

Community is the home of all the Xtube.com users. Here they find links to their profile, their friends, groups, blogs, XTubes own Wiki and Confessions which is the Xtube forums.

  • Video

Video is a listing of all the user posted videos and the Xtube sponsor videos which can be viewed for free. There are approx. 125,000 free videos to be viewed on the site.

  • Amateurs

Amateurs is where you find listings of all the Xtube amateur models. Here users can view and browse the amateur profiles on the site.

  • DVD Pass

DVD Pass is a pay per month program to view professionally produced full length porno moives.

  • TV

Xtube TV is also a pay per month service where a person can subscribe to a number of different channels for a monthly fee or buy a channel package for a fee as well.

  • Cams

Cams is the area of XTube where user can find a complete listing of all XTubes amateur webcam models with the one online now or available to chat listed at the top.

  • DVDs

DVDs is where all the feature length prono movies can be viewed as a pay per minute service or as a twenty four hour rental.