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Bang Bus is a well known reality porn site on the Internet. It is part of the Bang Bros network and run by Kristopher Hinson and Penn Davis's company Ox Ideas.The two are friends and attend Florida International University. Greg Entner (known as "Sanchez" or "Dirty Sanchez") works for the company as a scene director and camera operator and has appeared in every Bang Bus episode. The videos, mostly 45-90 minutes long, are shot by Entner in Gonzo style and are also known for their humorous approach. Even though the scenes seem to be real, all of it is staged. An example of this would be when the same "actress" is used in other BangBros movies and some actresses can be seen on some mainstream porn movies.

The site consists of women being "picked up on the street," then being persuaded to engage in sexual intercourse with men in the back of a van - the titular Bang Bus. Each movie usually ends with the woman being dropped off unpaid and in the wrong location, shouting at the men as they drive off laughing. The series is shot primarily in Miami, Florida, and has spawned a number of sister and imitation porn websites such as Back Seat Bangers.

The Bang Bus usually contains three men: the driver (known as Ugly in early episodes), the camera man (Greg Entner aka "Dirty Sanchez"), and a random man who gets to engage in sexual intercourse with a random woman picked off the street. Sometimes the driver and camera man will randomly pick up a man first then pick up a woman and persuade the two to have sex. In most cases, the woman is convinced to get into the van under the guise that they are making a documentary about people in the area that she is situated. They offer money, usually around a couple hundred dollars, just to answer questions about their life. After some "interviewing", they usually offer more money just to strip. They then offer additional money to have sex. The woman usually is persuaded to enter the van in less than 5 minutes, then persuaded to strip in 20-50 minutes, and is dropped off in a random location after 1-3 hours.Usually, the woman is dropped off without the promised money. Throughout a number of the videos, Entner's sophomoric commentary is constantly heard, packed with crude sexist comments and highly offensive racial slurs as "terms of endearment".

Although the theme of the site is the ease with which supposedly unknown women can be persuaded to engage in hardcore sexual acts, the videos are in fact staged and all the women shown are actresses paid in advance; some went on to work in other pornographic productions or even became regular performers (e.g. Annie Cruz appeared as "Kyra" in 2004). Despite this, Bang Bus is regarded as a highly controversial website, in part due to its popularity and the extreme degree to which it exemplifies the misogynist themes arguably common to hardcore pornography. For these reasons, it has appeared in multiple news stories, particularly in the Miami area, where the site has earned a certain degree of infamy.

Although the company advertises that the Bangbus and affiliate sites update on a weekly basis, some affiliate sites have ceased updates and in some cases disappeared from the web forever. Bangbus has been known to go on unannounced hiatus, because the site depends on the exclusive direction and camerawork of Entner. There has been an eight month absence in 2003, as the crew produced content in Eastern Europe and most recently a month and a half hiatus in the summer of 2006. The site's lack of updates prompted speculation over a possible demise until the site began updating in July.

The videos are shot, produced and distributed by a Miami company called Ox Ideas, whose offices are located on upscale Brickell Avenue at the mouth of the Miami River, and whose warehouse is located on Northwest 24th Street.

Site Detail

Price: 3 Day Trial $5.95 ($39.95/month) or Monthly Recurring $34.95/month

Terms: Memberships automatically recur at published rates unless canceled

Processor: Paycom

Videos: 187+ Episodes (approx. 40 min. each) | 187+ Photo Shoots (avg. 40 pics each)


(+) Long videos with several downloadable options.

(+) Raw uncensored footage with over 200 different girls so far.

(-) Expensive and not updated that frequentely

(-) Quality could be improved, particularly the earlier videos

(-) Very expensive, especially relative to the rest of the Bang Bros Network

Actors Employed

Online Reviews

"There’s a reason why Bang Bus is so popular — it’s good! The site has an amusing premise and is filled to the gills with beautiful women doing the ugliest things. This single site has spawned an entire network of equally good Bangbros sites and we should be thankful for it. Ride on, Bang Bus, ride on..."-- Adult Reviews

-- Pornsavvy

"Take a van, fill it up with some horny guys and a few cameras, then add a random stranger(s) – wacky antics ensue. That’s the basic premise behind Bang Bus, whose tour offers sample movie trailers for some of their recent epics, and also granting access to the other eight websites on their Bang Brothers Network if you sign up." -- Porn Inspector

"If you haven't heard of Bang Bus by now, you haven't been looking at porn for the past 5 years. Dirty Sanchez and his crew were among the first to actually film and document the "hunt" as they cruised South Florida in search of beaver. The theme was to pick up girls and get them to put out for profit right on spot. This theme quickly evolved to include not actually paying the girls in some devious fashion. It's obvious that most of the dick-and-dash material is fake, but the ones that are real are totally hilarious. Since our last visit, Bangbus has grown to over 150 sets." -- Sir Rodney's Guide to Erotica (4.67 / 5)

-- Elite Porn Reviews

"The BangBus drives around looking for hot chicks to bang. The women are amateurs, but don't worry this isn't the city bus - not just any honey with loose change can ride. These guys are only after premium pussy. It's an exclusive kind of ride where only the hottest gals are hopping on board."--Rabbits Reviews (92/100)

Other Websites

The company behind Bang Bus (the Bang Bros Network) also maintains a number of other speciality pornographic websites, which include:


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