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Official Site - Camel Style

Camel Style is perhaps notable in that unlike most of its ilk it is not a top-level internet domain name. Free video sites sprang up with the advent of Web 2.0 and the notion of mixing user-generated, Amateur content and more professional Hardcore content that is used as advertising.

While the model has worked for some sites the majority have suffered either under server load limitations or simply the inability to attract enough serious attention from the Big Boy of porn to have sufficient quality material on their site, regularly.

Camelstyle has, unusually for such sites, a strong eye-catching design and a name that does not, for once, denote ‘Porn site’ in a big way. But it does suffer a little in terms of content and technical limitations. Videos posted on the site are not uploaded as such as much as repointed with a URL redirecting viewers to other sites. The result is a jumpy, sketchy experience not unlike surfing Google search results looking for free porn clips.

User Experience

Easy on the eyes and pretty intuitive to navigate. No special features and the visitor is repointed to other free and pay porn sites. The site has a good mix of content and provided you don’t mind the jumpy experience of surfing from a site that is like a springboard to other sites you may find either hidden gems or new, unexpected Celebrity pics. kklkll

Site Detail

Price: Free

Videos: Over 3000 episodes of varying length and mixed quality

Pictures: A good mix of low and high resolution sites like MC Nudes

Features: None noteable

Content Sources: User-generated content. Clips repoint user to other sites.


(+) A good mix of video and photographs

(+) Some quality gems in the general run-of-the-mill postings

(-) Jumpy user experience

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