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Official Site - FuckingMotherFucker

FuckingMotherFucker is a site that uses a popular expletive for maximum shock value, in-your-face jockeyism and some clever search engine optimization tactics using keywords which could not otherwise be used within normal text flow.

Apart from that the site is typical of free porn sites thrown together with little actual thought to design, user navigation or interactivity. Last century the net was full of sites like that and although users struggled with them because they had no choice, search engines loved them.

Here’s why: the sites that linked to them had high PageRank which drove up the PageRank of the free site and made it more attractive to pay sites which then wanted to link to it and so on.

In this linking escalator with no end users were often forgotten and FuckingMotherFucker is the perfect example how. Poor navigation, no explanations and no real way of finding what you want without clicking on as many links as possible, which is how the site makes its money.

User Experience

A free porn site that is based on a model that requires users to click on the links. It offers no guidelines of usage and is counter-intuitive in terms of navigation. The site has all industry-generated content and leads you to countless other pay sites where you are expected to click. You need to close them down and get back to the original site. There is no search facility and even the black background design with a long list of links in blue is hard on the eyes. This is essentially a one-page site with lots of links. There is no user-interactivity on the site (beyond your ability to upload links to your own porn site and then only if you have a PageRank above three) and no discernible Web 2.0 features.

Site Detail

Price: Free.

Videos: Video links on this site lead to others, there are a few hundred to choose from.

Pictures: No pictures.

Features: Nothing memorable.

Content Sources: The content is all industry-generated.


(+) Free porn

(-) Bad navigation

(-) No interactivity

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