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So you've been down the fingering road and found it lacking. You felt like you needed more to fill you or your girl up so you decided, "Hey, if one finger is good, what about my whole fist?" Well you have come to the right place. Fisting a girl can be an exciting experience when done properly.

Be Careful

Before we begin, it should be noted that unlike fingering, fisting is not without its dangers. A woman's vagina is not designed to take something the size of your fist when she is not in labor. As such, it is important that you and your partner trust each other greatly and establish a line of communication while you fist her to make sure that you are not causing any abnormal pain. Fisting is not pain-free. However, it should not be be too painful either.


Get all squishy

Get yourself one to two bottles of lubrication. Far and away the best type to use is called Wet Platinum. Watch which type of Wet Platinum however, as some are not for internal use. Since it's a silicone-based lubricant, it stays slippery for much longer than water-based lubricants; and if it does eventually dry out, just add some moisture. You might consider spitting, especially if you're that kind of fetishist.

If you're using a water-based lubricant (such as Astroglide, rated the best by a number of adult magazines), you will need to have your hand (literally) dripping with this stuff. In addition you will need to lubricate her vagina with it to make sure that the lube won't run out when you get halfway in.

Just Relax

Before you begin, your partner will need to get completely relaxed. This is easier said than done when she has to think about having a hand stuck inside of her, but unless she relaxes, her muscles will be too tight which could either prevent it from going in or just cause injury. The best way to relax would be by breathing deeply and concentrating on the breathing. Another good way is by making out. The point is that you should do anything that will take her mind off of what is about to happen and prevent those muscles from contracting.

Just like a sport

Would you go out and play football or do gymnastics without training? No, of course not, and fisting is no different. The human hand is not a small thing and while the birth canal is made to be able to pass a child it doesn't just plop it out. Over the months that a woman is pregnant, it slowly begins to stretch itself out. Most women, especially those who have never given birth, will need to stretch out the vagina for a few days, weeks or even months prior to attempting a successful fisting. There are a number of ways to do this, but the bottom line is — don't attempt a fisting if you're not ready. At best, it will be extremely painful; at worse you could cause real damage and, come on, talk about an awkward story to tell people. As I said, there are a number of exercises that can be used to stretch the vagina; here are a few of the best.

  1. Work your way up to a whole fist. Start fingering her with two fingers a couple of times a day for a week or so. Then, the next week use three fingers, then four fingers for a week, and so on. Do this until you are able to get a full fist in there. Remember though, as you get up to 4 finger you will probably need to start using lube.
  2. Actual stretching is another way to go about it. Work your way up to using three fingers and then, once you get the fingers inside, try to spread them. Do this slowly and stop when there is too much pain. Hold in this position for a second or two and then release. Do between 3 and 5 repetitions of this per session. Be sure to do this every day for a number of days.
  3. Using larger objects for either masturbation or just play is another great way. Start small and work your way up to larger items.

Remember that the clenched fist is a very, very advanced technique. You'll have the best luck with your fingers fully extended lengthwise, but scrunched up together widthwise; emulating a duckbill. Just imagine the amusing shadows of daffy duck you're projecting on her G-spot!

Arm Deep

So you're streched, you're lubed and your ready to go. Alright, lie back and relax, this is going to hurt a little bit.

Start Slowly

No matter how much stretching you've done up until now, when you actually do it, you're going to need to start slowly. Begin by placing two fingers inside her and working your way up the digits just like you did during excersises. If your hand gets dry, then be sure to add more lubrication. You want your fingers to slide into her like a warm knife through butter. Make sure you listen to what she has to say, her moans and noises. If she tells you to slow down, stop or anything else, then be sure that you do it. The last thing you want to do is cause too much pain. Remember, you are doing this because it's supposed to be fun, if it stops being fun then you might want to reconsider it.

Chinese Finger Roll

The more fingers that you stick into her, the smaller you need to try and make your hand. The optimal hand structure is to form it into a wedge. This allows the vaginal walls to slowly adjust to the hand as its slid in. The best way to form this structure is to roll the pinky behind the ring finger and the thumb inside the index finger. Slide in slowly, taking verbal cues from your partner.

What to do when you're inside

Once you're inside her, you have a number of options. Having a fist inside her will probably be a big turn on for your partner, so you may start up a gentle sex motion. She may just want to have you play with her clit with your other hand. What you do at this point is up to you. Have fun.

Just as you took care when inserting your fist, take care when removing it. And please don't forget to cut your finger nails before doing this! Otherwise you can seriously harm your partner...

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