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Perhaps you are curious about anal sex. Anal sex is the practice of inserting a penis or dildo into the anus. Anal sex is practiced by both heterosexual and homosexual couples. When performed correctly, anal sex can be among the most intimate and pleasurable acts between two people. With a bit of patience, trust, and lube, you can learn to have amazing anal sex.

Why Anal?

  • It's tighter and warmer, providing more sensation to the penis.
  • The rectum shares a wall with the vagina in women and the prostate in men, allowing for intense stimulation, and in some individuals, anal orgasms.
  • Due to its taboo nature, it can provide erotic feelings of dominance and submission, although anal sex is not necessarily about dominance or degradation.
  • Some heterosexuals practice anal sex to avoid pregnancy; however, it is best to wear a condom while having anal sex anyway.


Anal sex is a particularly risky sexual practice, and care must be taken to avoid infection or injury. The rectum plays host to a wide assortment of bacteria that can be harmful if introduced into the mouth, vagina, or urethra. While porn stars may frequently go ass-to-mouth or ass-to-pussy, this is not recommended.


The rectum can contain a disruptive amount of fecal matter when anal sex is performed, but it isn't necessarily so. Nina Hartley, in Nina Hartley's Guide to Anal Sex, points out that anal sex is not necessarily messy because the rectum is usually empty: it only contains a significant amount of feces at the point when it needs to be emptied. Once the rectum is emptied normally, it contains only trace amounts of feces. Enemas can also be used to empty the rectum.

Infectious diseases

Due to the delicate nature of rectal tissue and the presence of viruses and bacteria in the rectum, diseases can easily be spread through anal sex. Condoms should be worn to reduce the risk of HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and hepatitis, among other diseases.

Physical damage

Again, the anus and rectum are delicate. Improper anal sex can cause tearing, anal fissures, or even long-term incontinence. However, these risks are quite small when anal sex is performed with patience, communication, and plenty of lubrication. When done correctly, anal sex actually strengthens anal muscles. Kegel exercises can also help to strengthen these muscles if one is afraid of incontinence.

Protective Measures

  • Always wear a condom while having anal sex. Even if both partners do not have STDs, bacteria entering the urethra can cause a nasty urinary tract infection. In gay circles, condom-free anal is known as barebacking. It's not a good idea, especially if you don't know your partner's STD status.
  • Never go ass to pussy! Great care should be taken to prevent bacteria from the rectum from entering the vagina to prevent urinary tract infections and yeast infections.


The anus does not produce its own lubrication, so keep the following tips in mind:

  • Always use plenty of lubrication while having anal sex.
  • Don't be a cheap bastard and try to use saliva. Go to your local adult store (they exist on the internet if you're too embarrassed) and buy something decent.
  • A proper anal lubricant should be thick and rich, not thin and watery. An example of a great anal lubricant is Probe.
  • It's best to use water-based lube. Oil-based lubes can degrade latex condoms. Silicone-based lubricants are good, but never use them with silicone sex toys. Your lube and toy will melt together like the T-1000!
  • Do not use anal lubricants that contain numbing agents, like Anal-Ease! If it hurts, you should stop before you cause damage. These lubes can cause you to ignore your natural limits and hurt yourself.
  • For a long assfucking session, lube shooters are great. These shoot lube into the rectum like a tiny lube enema, providing ample lubrication to get the job done.

Anal Anatomy

The anal area is composed of several parts that you should be familiar with before you begin.

  • The anus is the external opening of the rectum. The anus is rich in nerve endings, making it one of the human body's main erogenous zones.
  • The anal sphincters controll the operation of the anus. There are actually two anal sphincter muscles. One of the keys to anal sex is knowing that while the outer sphincter muscle is voluntary, the internal sphincter is involuntary. It relaxes when the body is in a comfortable, relaxed, and aroused state.
  • The rectum is the final straight portion of the large intestine, terminating in the anus. The human rectum is about 12 cm long. Due to the proximity of the anterior wall of the rectum to the vagina (and g-spot) in females or to the prostate in males and the shared nerves thereof, rectal stimulation or penetration can result in sexual arousal.
  • The sigmoid colon is the penultimate portion of the large intestine. It is not normally involved in anal sex, but can be reached by extremely large anal toys or by anal fisting. This is obviously not for anal beginners.
  • The neuroanatomy of the rectum coordinates the function of the rectum with other parts of the body. And such coordination is the reason why genital foreplay and stimulation is a necessary part of having anal sex. Both the rectum and the genitals are innervated with the Autonomic nervous system that consists of two sub-systems, the Sympathetic nervous system and the Parasympathetic nervous system. Stimulation of the person's genitals and sexual foreplay activates this person's Parasympathetic nervous system. This results in clitoral or penile erection. And at the same time, this Parasympathetic system relaxes the person's rectum. Which makes this person more receptive to anal sex. You can see some examples of that in anal sex porn movies. Many experienced porn actresses who have a lot of anal sex often masturbate their clitoris before and/or during anal sex. And this makes their anal sex harder, faster, and easier for them to enjoy. Here is a free video example (the guy starts going anal on the lady around the 7:30-minute mark): And you can find many other porn examples where anally-inexperienced ladies fail to arouse their genitals well and have some difficulty with their anal sex as a result.

Getting It On

Gather your partner and get ready for anal exploration. The biggest key to anal sex is that the receiving partner must be extremely turned on. With this in mind, patience and foreplay are key...

Lubing Up & Warming Up

  • First, start with what you would normally do. Focus the attention on the partner who will be receiving anal. Work your way up and down his/her body and orally stimulate him or her. If the receiving partner is female, give her an orgrasm or two before you start playing with her anus.
  • Grab your lube and use your fingers to apply it to his/her anus. Massage the outside of the anus first, then move a finger inside when you feel it is relaxed enough. Move your finger around gently, applying lube to the anus. Squirt a lube shooter in there if you have one.
  • Move it up a notch. The best thing to warm up with is a small butt plug. Ideally, you should have a couple plugs, moving up gradually in size, to allow your partner to work up to the size of your penis (or strap-on dildo).

Insertion & Thrusting

  • When you are sure that your partner is adequately lubed up and stretched out, put on a condom and prepare to enter.
  • Try a position that makes the most sense for you. Doggy style is a common anal position, as is missionary (a pillow under the butt helps for this one).
  • Line up the tip with the anus and slowly, gently push it in. The receiving partner should take slow, deep breaths and bear down slightly, as if taking a dump. You can either start thrusting gently, gradually getting all the way in, or you can slowly push in all the way before beginning to thrust.
  • Now you're in! Isn't it the best feeling? Try not to get out of control; remember that there is a person attached to that asshole. Go slowly at first, and do not go any harder or faster than your partner can handle. Once you have a good rhythm established, you can pump away!

Practice, Practice, Practice

As with any other sexual act, practice makes perfect with anal sex. Most couples will find that anal is a "sometimes" thing, but others practice it with more frequency. With practice and patience, anal sex can be one of the most satisfying things imaginable.

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