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Official Site - WhipAAH

WhipAAH is a great breath of fresh air for the free porn industry. With stylish navigation, video, game and music embed, picture upload and playback sections which allow commenting on a video, emailing it to a friend and even whipping it (favouring it).

It has the highest rated porn from around the net ranging from sharp professional to bizzare amateur. What sets it apart is the ease of navigation, the members and their user submitted pictures which get you hooked and wanting more.

As we tested the site we came across so many videos that tempted us into doing something other than reviewing it, cough, cough. Admittedly this is a site to watch out for, a site for the future.

User Experience

Great site in terms of organization, easy to navigate and with some great clips to unearth. It allows social commenting and rating in a totally Web 2.0 community feel experience.

Site Detail

Price: Free

Videos: Over 5000 episodes from 3 to 20 minutes each and over 20000 episodes at whipaah.com/free_porn_videos

Pictures: There are a few user submitted photographs on the site.

Features: Search, Chat, Upload, Favorites,

Content Sources: Xvideos, Redtube, Pornhub plus user generated content


(+) Great user interface, simple navigation

(+) High quality video

(+) Filled with a huge variety of clips

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