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Official Site - Ultraslut

Ultraslut was a free porn video site that commits every cardinal sin in the book and serves as a perfect example of what gives the industry a bad name. Let’s take things from the beginning: if you have a free porn site you want users to experience a seamless, gratifying, empowering experience which will lead them wanting more and keep them coming back. To be able to deliver that you need to feel that those who surf for porn are at least as intelligent as you are and respect their rights to privacy and their ability to make intelligent decisions. They understand you need to make money. If the site is cool and it works well they will willingly support your right to do so.

Within this precept there are a number of things you must never do: 1. You never create a website with pop-unders. This is underhanded web spamming and visitors know it. 2. You never create a website with ads that open the moment you enter it. This is too much in your face online behaviour and it annoys your visitors. 3. You never create a website with persistent ad boxes. Always give your visitors the choice to get rid of them there and then. 4. You never create a website with pop-ups after the ad boxes close. Most browsers kill these automatically and it is annoying. 5. You never ask users to enter personal details in order to access free content. An email address is about as far as it should go. 6. You do not, ever, hit your visitor’s PC with spyware.

The fact that Ultraslut commits all of these sins is enough to tell you that their approach to online porn plays so heavily on their domain name that the sense of make-believe in the misogyny of the site which is an element contained, by nature, in all porn is effectively destroyed so well that any kind of staying on the site begins to feel emotionally difficult.

The porn industry has its fair share of bad apples and they spoil the cart for the rest of them. Ultraslut is a perfect example.

User Experience

The moment users hit the site they encounter just about every spam marketing device in the book: pop-unders, pop-ups, ads that slide out and cover the page and persist so you can click, invisible spyware hitting your browser and the need to enter your details and mobile phone number to access the content. The moment you get past all that you are left with a few click ads that lead to porn sites. Avoid this one if you can!

Site Detail

Price: Free.

Videos: After your first visit listed on the homepage.

Pictures: Low resolution.

Features: Site search.

Content Sources: Industry generated.


(+) Free porn

(-) bad organization

(-) Mixed photography and no high resolution

(-) No high resolution videos

(-) Total disrespect for the visitor

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