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Official Site - Boysfood

Boysfood is a UK-based free video porn site that uses a lot of advertising clips interspersed with some sexist humor. Like most community-based free porn sites it gives you a full set of interactivity features on its video clips, including the ability to rate them and comment on them.

Community sites are a powerful Web 2.0 development precisely because they allow users to interact with a site, its content and each other in ways which in the past would have been inthinkable. In terms of the porn community, traditionally an isolationist one where each user is an island in search of their own thing, the ability to anonymously interact online through comments on videos has created a wave of social networking that has benefited free porn sites hugely and has spilled over into the mainstream community at large.

Sites such as Voyeurweb which have been able to capitalize upon this mainstream acceptance have seen an incredible increase in the number of daily users and have then gone into tapping their network base and becoming profitable through the launch of either a commercially accessible side or peripheral commercial packages such as T-shirts and merchandise.

User Experience

Fairly standard navigation but a color scheme that’s easy on the eyes and makes staying on the site for long periods of time a cinch. Video clips are well displayed, the header is easy to pick out so you can find what you want and there is both a comments and ratings feature for the ones that tickle your fancy.

Videos are streamed and the quality, as with all free porn sites, is a little on the iffy side but they can also be downloaded.

Site Detail

Price: Free

Videos: Over 2000 episodes about 2 - 5 minutes each (download and stream)

Pictures: None

Features: Search, Upload, Favorites,

Content Sources: Advertising clips but much user generated content with uploads of clips from pay sites.


(+) Great user interface, simple navigation

(+) High quality video

(-) Filled with short promo clips, which are basically advertisements

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